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Is Your Current Job Search Strategy Working? Because of Covid-19, You Probably Need to Make Some Changes

In this economy, the fundamentals of your job search CANNOT BE JUST OK. They have to be awesome.

Perhaps you have recently been laid off, are looking for a remote job, need help writing a resume that can tell your story better. Do you have a professionally written cover letter? Are you registered on all the major job boards? Have you setup customized job alerts that come to you each day? Is your LinkedIn profile updated, optimized, comprehensive and professional? It doesn't matter what you have done in the past. What matters is what you do going forward.

Right now, there 4 different kinds of job seekers. The ones that are currently out of work, ones that are currently employed but are looking for new positions, the ones that may lose their jobs in the coming months and those that are looking for remote work.

This group will focus the mechanics of navigating a successful job search in the age of COVID – 19. Each meeting will focus on a different aspect of putting a successful job search together

From Resume and Cover Letter Writing to Job Board Registrations, setting up Customized Alerts, updating and optimizing your LinkedIn Profile Review, interview preparation, Thank You and Follow-Up Notes, Offer Letters of Employment Job Search Technology and so much more

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