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Dear Friends,

We have beautiful space in Downtown Berkeley situated right across from the Berkeley Public library. We will be introducing our first caring circle on October 23rd.

About Dharma College: Based in Downtown Berkeley, Dharma College ( is a physical hub and community of people who wish the world well, with offerings that include: co-working with wisdom, courses on deepening human values, yoga, meditation, and compassion-driven events. With a background in
Tibetan Buddhism, its offerings are expressed in secular terms and offer guidance in self-exploration, in uncovering the extraordinary potential of being contained within every one of us, and in discovering ways to live a more balanced, considerate, and fulfilling life.

Caring is something we and our world urgently need. We know real caring when we experience it, but our way of life – or perhaps our way of relating to our minds – seems to leave us feeling profoundly un-cared for. Lacking care ourselves, we begin to lose our ability to care for others. In Caring, Venerable Tarthang Tulku embarks on a wide-ranging exploration of the deep importance of learning to care. Drawing on his Buddhist background as well as fifty years spent working closely with students from around the world, he shows us how caring can bring us face-to-face with human nature’s deepest mysteries – and its highest potentials. In reflections that range from the simple heartfelt to the challenging and profound, Caring shows us how caring can ease our hearts, strengthen our spirits, and transform our sense of what is possible.

Caring Circles will be occurring at Dharma College on a weekly basis as part an offering to our connection to each other.

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