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"How can I know who I am, when I am all this?” Journey to Ixtlan
Tensegrity was first introduced in Carlos Castaneda's books as the ancient shamanic Magical Passes. Passes serve as a mean to connect to the energy (dream body) and therefore to the source. Body is a vehicle for this connection and the Passes help us release our personal history. The passes we will use in this group are the modernised version of the ones used by the seers of ancient Mexico. We will also apply other techniques such as Theater of Infinity and Recapitulation in our journey to "freedom of perception".
In the workshops we will follow the Cleargreen's Cyclicity series and also arrange additional classes to bring this ancient wisdom into our every day life, on more regular basis. This group is for people with interest in mindfullness, consciousness. We will use alternative methods for acknowledging the connection with the source and dreaming the reality we live in, remembering that more we release our personal history, further we dream.

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Meeting the Divine Masculine for Women

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Tensegrity Taster Class (A Meeting with Intent)

Finsbury Park Cafe

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