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Cyclicity 2 - Nurturance: Creating A Home For The Energy Body
The Energy body is our double, our ever-knowing, dreaming side... We do not sense it in our every day life, however it is always there. Connecting with the energy body can bring you inspirations, knowing and a sense of expansion. It can lead us in our sleeping dreams and waking dreams. By nurturing our bodies with food, sleep, breath in awareness we start noticing the tie between our physical bodies and the energy bodies, aka dreaming bodies. Do you think you have ever noticed a part of you that who brings you the wisdom you needed at the times? Have you felt a loving connection with yourself and a synchronicity in your routine? I am guessing probably we all felt these, at one point, at different levels and in different contexts, maybe we just did not bother to explain or learn about it. Then we should pay attention to it and learn how to nurture our connection. Our energy bodies are our gates to unknown, our neurones to the big mind, our consciousness that is beyond the physicality. Let it be acknowledged for what it is. Nurturing the connection will bring you the expanded way of perceiving yourself, a warm affection to the earth and a state of knowing beyond the reasoning. This is a 4 class workshop. We will learn one of the Carlos Castaneda's Magical Pass and practice it standing, sitting and lying. We will reflect on our everyday activities such as eating, breathing and sleeping to increase our awareness and to learn how to save our energies. Our intent is to bring the wisdom we gather in the workshops into our everyday life, so we create a home for the energy body to express itself. Let's create a beautiful home for our energy bodies together, co-transform our journey to the freedom of perception with Ancient Mexican Toltec wisdom. Comfortable clothing, a notebook for the reflections & inspirations and water... you need nothing else. If you have read the books of Carlos Castaneda you will find the concepts very familiar, if not, just being present in the space I hold for you will give you a gentle introduction to the teaching. I am a Level 1 Facilitator-in-Training and will follow the instructions of Cleargreen, the institution that officially teaches and represents the Carlos Castaneda's teaching worldwide. Love & Gratitude to all and everything who have led me to facilitate this for others Note: Location is now in Shoreditch, but might change to Dalston. I will let you know.

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