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PLEASE READ THIS UPDATE (May 30, 2017): I apologize for the inconvenience, and if you were super excited to join this group. I have recently moved to Los Angeles and am closing this group down, since it was based in Carlsbad, CA. I have loved doing these Meetups and all of the Warriors who joined in! I'll be starting a new group up in Sherman Oaks, where I'm living now, so if you have friends up there, pass along my info. All the best!!! ~ Jennifer

This group is for:

- People who are tired of feeling like their own love and happiness is dependent upon other people's approval.

- People who want to feel free to be their authentic self in any situation, without worry of what others will think.

- People who genuinely want to feel unconditional self love and acceptance, in order to improve all relationships in their life.

You may have heard this statement before... "you need to love yourself first before you can love someone else"...and yet do we really understand what that means? As a group, we're going to explore all the ways in which we can truly find unconditional love inside of ourselves (for ourselves) and improve how it shows up outside of us in relationships. The ultimate discovery will result in FREEDOM - from the inside out!

The group intention is to provide a safe space to connect with others who are on the same journey, and share experiences, and learn from one another. All I ask is that you have respect for one another as we allow for people to share vulnerably while creating a safe and supportive environment. Each meeting will have a different topic and element of LOVE and FREEDOM for us to explore through activities which inspire discussion and sharing by all.

What to expect at our Meetups:

- Topics that inspire self-reflection (including love, relationships, authenticity, freedom, spirituality, values and beliefs)

- Activities to connect with others (including sharing, journaling, authentic connection, games, and coaching)

- Personal development, exploration, transformation, improving happiness, and making new friends (who are just like you)!

If you're ready to free yourself from being defined by others; to feel free to live from an authentic place all the time; free yourself from the "neediness" in relationships; and free up your heart space so that LOVE is what you choose to feel at any moment - Then this group is for YOU!!!!! Come as you are ... and leave as the person you dream yourself to be (along with a new group of friends who "get you"). Meetups will be posted as scheduled with the topic to be explored, date, time, location, and the fee (if any).

Please introduce yourself to begin connecting today...and we'll see you at the Meetup!

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