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Battle Yoga: Eyes Closed Series: Part 1
Imagine being able to use yoga postures, forms, and flowing movements... for battle... with your eyes closed... Yes... eyes closed. This workshop is Part 1 of a series. During this class, we will first lay the groundwork, foundation, basics, fundamentals, theories, concepts, and principles needed in order to defend yourself when you can't see. This class is for you: If you want to learn a unique form of yoga If you want to hone your tactile sensitivity and psychic anticipation If you want to develop supreme awareness of your body in relation to another person If you want to focus on perfecting your form, structure, flow, strength, endurance, and flexibility If you want to be able to achieve a Zen state... even if you're stressed or under tremendous pressure If you want to learn the spiritual side of Martial Arts... without having to get punched, kicked, or risk getting hurt or injured If you are a peaceful person who sees the beauty & elegance of Meta Physical Martial Arts Even if you have zero skills, zero experience, or are a total beginner Even if you have prior training, are Intermediate or Advanced, or have super yoga skills Even if the attacker is super big, super strong, and actually has combat skills Even if you believe there's no way a smaller person can defend against a bigger person in a real fight Even if you are a man, woman, tall, short, large, small, strong, or weak --- When: Tuesday mornings Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Area: Carmel Mountain Ranch, San Diego 92128 Price: $ 40 You can pay online at: To make sure each student gets the maximum amount of individual attention, we're keeping the class size very small & intimate. Space is extremely limited and will fill up quickly... So message me now with any questions and to officially reserve your spot... Thanks & Respects ! :)

Carmel Mountain Ranch

15 & 56 · San Diego, CA 92128, CA

What we're about

Respects & Welcome to The Carmel Mountain San Diego Street Combat Martial Arts Meetup !

Wow...that's a long name...

We specialize in training:
- Against multiple opponents
- With or without weapons
- In extreme combat scenarios
- On concrete or other unforgiving surfaces

The curriculum is a unique blend of:
- Pentjak Silat / Indonesian / Malaysian / Multiple Opponent / Grappling / Ground Fighting
- Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) / Escrima / Kali / Arnis / Knife Fighting / Stick Fighting / Weapons Training
- Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do (JKD) / Jun Fan / Hand Trapping / Western Boxing
- Muay Thai / Kickboxing

Training Lineage: Bruce Lee > Dan Inosanto > Cass Magda > Michael Aguinaldo

This group is for you IFFF:
- You want to learn martial arts & self defense skills that you can use immediately
- You want to be ready for any kind of street attack
- You want to be able to defend yourself and anyone else you care about
- You have no prior training experience
- You have prior training experience and / or you are still currently training
- There is something missing in your overall game or skill set...such as dealing with multiple attackers and / or weapons
- You want to be able to easily go Counter-For-Counter against any attack or attackers
- You want to learn multiple strategies & tactics to make the unpredictable more predictable
- You want to understand each time segment of a fight...such as...pre-pre-fight...pre-fight, fight, post-fight, post-post-fight...
- You want to develop not only physically, but also mentally, intellectually, & spiritually
- You don't want to get beat up and / or raped
- You want to have absolute confidence in your ability to adapt to & overcome any situation
- You want to learn a very unique set of specialized skills that few people have to this degree
- You want to get really good at something
- You want to get sooo good that you have the skills to Not hurt your opponents...even if they're trying to hurt you
- You'd like to have the option of how much "feedback" you can offer the bad guys when they attack you
- You want a great student to teacher that you can get more personalized attention
- You want a teacher who has total attention to detail & who can break each concept down step by step
- You like to understand the why behind the what & how
- You want to be more healthy, get fit, lose fat, gain muscle, get toned, develop massive cardio, & become more flexible
- You want to be able to have fun, laugh, & have a good time with quality people
- You want to increase your level of Bad-Ass-Ness...while maintaining total humility & compassion for others.
- You want to develop your Spider Sense
- You're Awesome & you're worth it

If you're any, some, or all of the above...we'd love to train with you.

This group is NOT for you IFFF:
- You have a negative attitude & energy
- You have a massive ego
- All you want to do is fight
- You have violent tendencies
- You have anger management issues
- You want to beat people up
- You have Zero self control
- You have zero sense of humor
- You actually do want to get beat up and / or raped
- You think you know everything
- You're not truly open to learning
- You're a quitter
- You don't play well with others
- You smell, don't shower, don't use deodorant, and will probably drool on your training partners
- You're not potty-trained

If any of the above applies to you, I'd be happy to refer you to another group......far...far away...


This is not the typical school or gym with a typical format & schedule...

This group is essentially for weekend warriors...

Rather than having to carve out time, drive, & coordinate with your families & significant others multiple times during the work week,
we train on the weekends in classes that are back-to-back.

Whether you train in our morning and / or afternoon sessions,
you'll still have plenty of time to go home, take a shower, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Think of it like an going to Disneyland...or a concert...or something else that's cool...

You wouldn't go to those events multiple times per week...would you ?

So the classes are structured so that you can learn the maximum amount of Awesome-ness...with the least amount of trips.

And to better condition you for the likely self defense scenarios,
we generally train outside and on the streets...

Don't worry...
We won't be training out in the middle of traffic...or on the freeway...
(That's our Advanced Class).

If you have any questions, thoughts, scenarios, or great recipes...let me know...

Thanks & Respects !



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619-800-8431 (Landline)

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