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The group is designed for people that love hiking (including day hikes) and backpacking trips as well as outside adventures. I will concentrate these trips in North Carolina and South Carolina. I hike at an average pace, everyone is included. I want us to actually enjoy the areas we are hiking through. And the people on the trip can range from beginners to experienced backpackers. I plan to do trips from many popular backpacking trips in the Carolinas. Usually, these hikes will be less than 5 miles one day, an overnight at a wild campsite, fire, dinner, breakfast in the morning, and a trip back to the starting point . . .all done in 2 days. These are 'bring your own food' trips, some trails have water and facilities on the way, some do not. I will provide a clear agenda for each day such that people understand what they are signing up for. It should be fun for all.

I encourage those of you that do not want to stay out on our overnight hikes, to come along and make some of these a day hike if you like. Day hikers will not affect our group size limits and it allows people to enjoy the hikes without the camping commitment. So day hikers can join us, hike as much or as little as they like and head back home. It's more about the people than the places anyway! If you want to be a day hiker, simply message me about the particular event and I will include your name on the list of attendees. Welcome, everyone!

p.s. I always carry a complete light (10 lb base weight) backpack with me to these hikes. So anyone who wants to try it, but does not want to invest in equipment, can borrow the backpack for an overnight trip with the group. Description: Backpack, Sleeping Bag, Tent, Cook kit, Sleeping Pad, Headlamp, Trekking poles, Pillow, Hydration Kit, Basic Hygiene Kit. On the day of the hike, I will also have extra food.

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