Reality Check: The Future of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality


Learn what, why and how reality technology will change the future. Our panel of reality experts - led by Interactive Innovator Chuck Rinker ( help us understand what are these technologies--Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality-- the tech behind each and current and future use cases. They will geek out on the technology and discuss the opportunity and obstacles for the hottest technology trend in 2017.

Rinker's career spans developing black ops military technology and NASA/space born avionics to directing gaming technology of NCAA/Madden series for EA Sports to founder of nuMedia innovations specializing in a variety of reality technology application for commercial clients and founder and CTO of hologram company PRSONAS.

There will be demonstrations of the different types, so you can experience the difference and think about how you could use them.

We will be meeting in the AU Main building in the Training Room on the Second floor. There is street parking and a parking deck at Corcoran St. Don't park in any spot that says reserved...they will tow you.