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「Our concept」

This event is for the people who are relevant to our concept at least one as below.Please read the instructions throughly before you join us.

①The international students who are studying in Kyoto or people from different countries who are working in Kyoto or people who just visit in Kyoto for sightseeing.

→Looking for the opportunity to meet a local people.

→Want to interact with local people and make friends with them.

②The international students or people from different countries who are interested in Japanese cultures and want to improve Japanese language.

→Looking for the people who want to share with the Japanese traditional experience such as a traditional tea ceremony called sado or wearing Kimono or Kado which is a traditional Japanese art originating from the Heian period in which flowers and plants are specially arranged in a vase for appreciation.

→Seeking the people who can go around the sightseeing spot like festival or temple or shrine in Kyoto.

③Japanese people who are looking for the opportunity to meet up with people from different countries and also want to make friends with people from different countries.

→Japanese people who are interested in all kinds of foreign cultures and institutions and put that knowledge to use. also want to encounter a new set of values and to get various points of views by meeting new people from different countries.

④Japanese people who are studying foreign languages and seeking opportunity to use it or just blush up there skill.

→Can't speak English,but want to communicate with people from different countries.

→Japanese people who are usually asked the way by foreigners and want to help them out to study English more like basic conversation rather than studying English in school .

→have experienced living in other countries and want to improve English.
















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