What we're about

Your seat is waiting at our table!

Our group is about breaking bread together and sharing individual experiences with what we call, "world pleasures"-- wine, dining, literature, music, and learning .

Each of us has experiences with the world around us, and this group invites you to share and learn.

Our Carpe Diem events are multidimensional and meet many interests: world travel, dining, culinary pairings, event presentation, professional network, philanthropy, and learning from each other.

Beautiful venues are selected that help us experience food and wine from across the world and who offer award-winning chefs, knowledgeable sommeliers, and an organized team to present culinary pairings that will certainly inspire the senses.

During our dining events, we learn from each other’s quite fascinating stories of travel around the world--it is this special uniqueness that gives us ideas for the next Carpe Diem event to host. Moreover, it is one of our own members who hosts!

Also during each event, one representative speaks on behalf of a nonprofit cause. This presentation helps us explore opportunities to pay it forward and strengthen our community.

If you know of others who have not experienced a Carpe Diem event, please extend an invitation to share.

"LIve your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Seize the day!!" --Steve Maraboli

Group Requirements:

1. Photo (for membership)
2. Contact Information
3. Bi-Annual Dues ($20.00/yr)
4. RSVP Commitments

Photo and Contact Information:
1. For safety and security reasons, provide a recent photo of yourself on your profile.
2. Use your real first name to join us.
3. Provide your cell number and email address in case of emergency purposes.

Bi-annual Dues:

Provide $10.00 bi-annual mandatory fee at next CD dinner event.
NOTE: This fee goes to offset administrative costs for our group for 2017.

A member's failure to show will often prevent other members from being able to attend.

For each event we will post deadlines for submitting and cancelling your RSVP.
1. Failure to cancel your RSVP prior to deadline will result in the full charge of one commitment to defray the costs incurred by the host members.

2. Failure to show for more than two dining events without updating or changing your RSVP may result in removal from the group.

We must maintain strict rules to honor RSVPs for the dining events. Our host members for each of the dining events expend significant time and personal expense in coordinating fine dining experiences for us with chefs, sommeliers, and event coordinators at the restaurant venues.

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