What we're about

We are group of cachers who, for thc3f_logoe most part, live and operate in the north central Maryland area. We are a group without a formal organization unto itself, and without any membership requirement, which formed spontaneously, and has endured. We are a group of people from all walks of life that share not only a deep appreciation for the hobby of geocaching, but share a love for companionship and camaraderie, and an aspiration to continuously raise the bar and make all aspects of geocaching better. We are inclusive, we are not competitive (well, maybe a wee bit when it comes to FTFs!), we recognize the contributions of others, are involved in the broader community of cachers across the state, and work with the Maryland Geocaching Society to promote geocaching and promote these values. We are known as the Carroll County Caching Fellowship, or C3F. If you share these values, then you are already one of us! We hope that you find this website to be a useful resource for all of your geocaching endeavors.

Past events (2)

3rd Tuesday's in Elderburg May 2020 Edition

Online event

3rd Tuesdays in Eldersburg April 2020 Edition

Online event