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The best business is referred business - That's why our Business over Breakfast (BoB) clubs really do work for our members.

You can get new customers easier and quicker than your competition. Securing your exclusive place at your chosen BoB Club means you block out the competition, giving you the best chance of gaining referrals.

Our members are consistently referring business to each other, so you could have a team of fellow club members promoting and recommending your products and services by word-of-mouth.

As well as improving presentation skills; boosting your confidence and gaining referrals, you will form strong relationships with professional people who are there to help you.

BoB club members get to know, like and trust each other and are happy to recommend your products and services, which generates quality referrals, for you to turn into good quality business.

Our meetings provide the platform to network in a professionally structured environment that is relaxed and pressure free.

The first BoB club opened in January 2004. There are BoB Clubs throughout the UK, Canada and has now come to the U.S. in 2016. BoB club meetings are held every TWO weeks, giving you plenty of time to generate referrals.

Every member is given 60-90 seconds to do a quick presentation about their business. Every TWO weeks one member is given 10 minutes to carry out a more comprehensive 'showcase' presentation about their business.

There is NO PRESSURE on members or visitors to give referrals at every single meeting, as this only encourages people to give worthless referrals that are not worth pursuing. Our members are more interested in quality NOT quantity.

There are lots of business networking clubs from which to choose. So do go and have a look at them all, but don't be fooled by the number of people that you see in the room. Don't forget that networking is a process and NOT an event. See which type of business club, business Group or business chapter suits your personal style and then decide which one to join. Networking does not happen overnight and the more you put into it the more you will get back.

We take all the best elements from various networking groups and strive to ensure that BoB clubs are the 'best of breed'

Don’t take our word for it, why not attend as a visitor and experience BoB Clubs for yourself?

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