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This Meetup is for happy NON SWINGING couples, who love to spend time together along with other people. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ONE PROFILE AS A COUPLE , EACH RSVP WILL COUNT AS TWO PEOPLE. (every now and then you will have a spouse out of town and you are welcome to attend meetups as one person, but for rsvp purposes we count 1 as 2 ). This group is for happy people in a monogamous relationship be it a marriage or long term partnership, all races, orientations are welcome. No judgement zone!!! Let me stress the word monogamous! (Got it? Good !). We love spending time together and think that work day is too long without one another, but we also are outgoing, love company, adventure, and value connections and friendships made! Many Meetups are focused on single people, and we are looking to make friends with other couples that we can have fun with, travel and have adventures together. The most beautiful sunset in the world is worth nothing if you don't share it with near and dear people to you. We know we have each other to share the sunset, but we would like to extend that experience and share with many other happy couples.
Yes we are the peeps that going on the honeymoon with two other couples, and we wouldn't have it any other way!
Join us for the new adventure, make some friends, your attitude is your admission ticket, as we get to know you down the line, if you are the couple that rolls theirs eyes at each other you are out! (You really need to be working on your happiness and respect for one another). We have no tolerance for the eye rollers :). We understand we all have good days and bad, please join us on the good days!
Let's have fun!

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