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)First and foremost: We are not a dating site, not a singles site, not a couples site, not an age over or under site; we are a diversified group of Greater Casa Grande citizens that enjoy getting together for various social activities, including but not limited to: monthly dinners, socials, public event activities, Texas Hold Em' parties, pot lucks, movies, festivals, community service projects, charity fundraising, tours and anything else our members can think of :) There is a membership dues of $10 a year. Meetup charges me $100 every 6 months. See below.

We are just a bunch of everybody's. We're married, widowed, single, divorced and separated. We come alone, we come in couples, we come in families. Some of us work, some of us don't. Some us have children and grandchildren and some of us are childless. Our diversity is what makes this group so great.

We are a group that is successfully bringing people together in our community for friendships and activities. We are a warm, welcoming bunch. It's always hard to do something for the first time, especially if you're doing it alone. We've all been there. Just know, our members look forward to meeting you and making you feel right at home.

We certainly aren't limited to Casa Grande. Our neighbors in Maricopa, Arizona City, Coolidge, Florence, Eleven Mile Corner and Eloy; please join us!
The more 'active' members, the more options! All ideas for meetups are welcome!

We of course stay away from religion, political conversations.

A new CGSA can attend any upcoming public meetup at any time. This is required before a new member can RSVP yes to any event held in/at a CGSA private residence. It may also be necessary to have actually met a homeowner before any yes RSVP's for events taking place in their respective homes.

CGSA Slideshow: http://www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site/view_shared?p=8a3684 ..

Suggested Age: 35+

Also there is a fee from the Meet up site to maintain our site. It is $89.94 every 6 months, so if you could please chip in by either giving it to your organizer or if you choose online, that is fine but there is a charge of $1.25, so only $8.75 is deposited. We have been saying $10.00 a year per member.

Open our calendar to see events both past and future.

Beware! RSVP yes no shows will be punished to the fullest extent of meetup law......JUST KIDDING. Okay, so not really, but please, if your plans change, especially if we are making reservation, make sure you RSVP does as well. When emailing an organizer, please do not block your email address! It makes it harder for us to respond to you.

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Saturday Morning Walk

Villago Park

Say good bye to July! Hoping the weather will cooperate with us. Let's try walking this morning. :) Come and join me for a beautiful walk through the park. Bring water and a good pair of walking shoes. Bring corn for the ducks, if you want. :) They'll be your best friend if you do. :) Meet new friends and have fun! We'll meet at the bridge. Hope to see you there!


Harkins Theatres Casa Grande 14

Would love to see old on Sat, who's in?

Movie starts at 12:30, how bout 12:15

Bob Villa

Windmill Winery

Let’s get together to hear some music!

Due to shortened summer hours, no food truck and we’re not allowed to bring in our own food because of the health department. They will have appetizer platters that cost about $25 each and feed 2 people.

It's Movie Time! Let's meet and see Jungle Cruise!

Harkins Theatres Casa Grande 14

Fun day is our agenda today! Come join me at the movies! If you are a fan of the Rock, then this is the movie for you. Providing we have good weather, meet me at the theater at 12:15. Movie starts at 12:30.

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Sunday Evening Walk

Villago Park

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