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Hello Fellow Musician,

I would like to invite you to join Cascadia Musicians Orchestra which I am creating as an orchestra that is interesting for the musicians.

In my experience, just about all major and most minor arts organizations are locked in a stranglehold by the need to cater to audiences. Although I have a great appreciation for popular, tried-and-true music, I want to explore the adventure and excitement of newer music! That's what Cascadia Musicians Orchestra is for: to have an orchestra that is interesting to the musicians.

I have secured a small but adequate venue for the orchestra in Portland, Oregon, at a reasonable rate for rehearsals and performances. Once we have enough musicians, I plan for an initial season of two performances. As impresario and maestro, I will be selecting works and conducting. I have previously conducted Oregon Cascade Symphony for five seasons and also had my own Big Band. I invite your suggestions for works to include in our repertoire.

The name Cascadia is used in the broadest of terms, encompassing the wide range of the Cascades which takes in several N and NW states as well as parts of BC.

My goal is to recruit 50 to 60 musicians to participate. Schedules for rehearsals and performances will be developed as the orchestra's roster is filled and we can begin to determine times when people are available.

Hope this answers any questions a potential orchestra member may have.

If this is something you think you might be interested in please join our group.

Aszemar Glenn
Founder, Maestro, Conductor

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