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Many people want to build wealth and acquire assets by investing in real estate, the financial market or in a business, but they just don't know how or where to start. Maybe they lack knowledge, doubt their ability to succeed or fear the risks involved. Whatever it may be, the CASHFLOW game is the easiest and best way to increase your financial intelligence and practice entrepreneurship and investing.

CASHFLOW not only teaches you how to invest and acquire assets, but most importantly how to behave within investing scenarios to convert your earned income into either passive or portfolio income. You’ll learn how to think and make decisions about money like the rich do—controlling how you spend money so that you buy assets instead of liabilities. When you play often, you will soon recognize and change the behaviors that are keeping you from reaching your financial goals so that you can take the lessons learned in CASHFLOW to the next level by applying them in real life.

This group was started because CASHFLOW is a powerful tool that enables you to experience hands-on learning about financial management, entrepreneurship, investing and wealth-building. Not only do we want to provide a fun forum of learning, but offer an environment to network and build new relationships by introducing people to our exclusive team of Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs. We want to empower people with the knowledge, tools, systems and support needed to become financially independent, and what a better way to do it than over an interactive fun game of CASHFLOW.

Join us at our next CASHFLOW game. Sharpen your financial intelligence and hone the concepts of investing and money-making. Put your financial and investing skills to the test and see if you can free yourself from the "rat race."

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