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This group is for anyone who has ever considered getting involved in real estate investing. You can listen to our podcast (radio show) at http://www.CashFlowGuys.com/podcast.


We will be hosting several Cashflow101 Workshops for beginner to advanced investors. Games will be hosted in Pinellas Hillsborough counties as well as surrounding areas. Please visit our website at CashFlowGuys.com (http://cashflowguys.com/events) to register for our next game event.

This is an opportunity for new investors to learn from experienced investors and vice versa. The game will teach you how to escape the "Rat Race" by building your passive income to a level that exceeds your monthly expenses.

Learn about all kinds of investing techniques and use the opportunity to "pretend invest" in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals, businesses and real estate. This game helps you learn what method of investing works for you and HOW to go about it.

Our events our a "sales-free" environment; meaning we simply don't allow pitching of get rich quick schemes or any other gimmicks.

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