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Do you spend your days going round in circles and not getting anywhere?

Do you spend HOURS every day sitting in traffic - or travelling on public transport - getting to and from work?

Do you HATE the fact that you don't have enough family time every day - as it's all WORK WORK WORK?

Are your weekends spent dreading the following week!

Do you like MONDAY mornings?

The days turn into weeks, then into months and then into years......... Sound familiar?

That’s called THE RAT RACE

If you want to get out of THE RAT RACE then read on............

Come along and have FUN at an Official Cashflow Club – and get out of THE RAT RACE

You will meet people who have reached financial freedom or are on their way to it ALL BECAUSE OF CASHFLOW CLUBS

By attending an Official CASHFLOW Club on a regular basis, you can be sure of meeting like minded people who are becoming financially literate so that they can have the FREEDOM they know they deserve - and they have FUN while doing just that.

Financial Literacy .........FUN......

....they just don't seem to go together do they. A bit like chalk and Cheese.

HOWEVER, we have LOTS of FUN at our Official Cashflow Clubs while discovering why we need to be financially literate - and how to be financially FREE :)

At an Official Cashflow Club you will watch a Rich Dad lesson from Robert Kiyosaki himself – by way of a DVD. This is UNIQUE to the Official Clubs and this really benefits Cashflow club members. You will also play the GAME Cashflow 101 – yes play a game! That’s the fun bit.

You will also discover why it is NOT your profession or salary that determines if you can get out of THE RAT RACE - which means that ANYONE can do this in real life (and many many people have done just that)

Do you realise that by playing the game CASHFLOW, you will retain MORE information about financial literacy than if you were to read about it! And playing the game is MUCH more fun than reading a book on your own :)

When you play CASHFLOW 101 on a regular basis you will begin to recognise how you can get out of THE RAT RACE and become financially free - it also sets your mind in place for you to focus on what you want to achieve.

Discover how to make money work for you ..... instead of you having to work for money!

Join us and discover what the Rich teach their kids, that the poor and middle class do not!

The game Cashflow 101 was designed by best-selling author, Robert Kiyosaki and Kim Kiyosaki, and this was to demonstrate how they got out of the Rat Race and into Financial Freedom. During the game you simulate real life deals – so you make your mistakes during the game first....and learn from them with the help of your team and your Cashflow Leader.

Playing this game on a regular basis, with others who want to learn the Rich Dad way, WILL change your financial mindset and will help you focus on what you want to achieve

If you want to join me for Cashflow 101 then please message me and I will send the details onto you.

Remember............."Knowledge is the New Money"

Also try our sister club Millionaire Maker (We are hoping to have one near us also soon!) join here: http://www.meetup.com/MillionaireMakerLondon/

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