Data Modeling in Cassandra: Avoiding Tombstones, Wide Partitions, and Data Skew


Cassandra is the easiest big data (truly big data) open source database to get started with. Whether you are using Apache Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise Cassandra, there are some pitfalls that new Cassandra Developers/Admins/Architects end up making which are easy to avoid. Our Speaker is Rahul Singh. He has been working in the industry for over 20 years and has worked with Cassandra, Solr, and Spark for several years and with DSE for the last 4 years. He has consulted to several large organizations that use DSE and his company, Anant, is a member of DataStax's Strategic Solution Delivery Partner program. Rahul will be teaching us how to do data modeling in Cassandra to avoid the common pitfalls that relational folks make going to Cassandra.