Shiatsu: Using Pressure to Relieve Pressure!

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Chautauqua Institution

1 Ames Ave · Chautauqua, NY

How to find us

The class will be taught at 210 Turner Hall... easy parking!

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So honored and excited to be teaching at the incredible Chautauqua Institution this 19th year! Here's an offering for you ---Self-Shiatsu!--- A healing technique for self and others...
You may take this class as a one session... ( M, T, or W) or for the entire three sessions. Whatever you decide, I will gift you with a $20 gift certificate as a THANK YOU!

You need to register on-line, although, walk-ins ARE welcomed for the spontaneous set!

Register here:

Cassandra Butler
Shiatsu is based on the Asian understanding
of meridians — energy pathways
throughout the body. Along these pathways
are sensitive points that can help bring us
balance when stimulated through pressure.
You will learn where the major points are
on the body, which correspond to the five
emotions: grief, anxiety, fear, anger and
worry. You will learn how to administer
thumb pressure on these points for healing,
balance, and stress relief. Be in charge of
balancing your body! (ages 14+)
Week 7, Aug. 5–7 / M–W / 3:30–5 p.m.
Turner 210
Fees: 3 sessions • $75
1 session at door • $29