Moon Manifestations: Lunar Lights along the Pathway!

This is a past event


There is nothing like the beauty of a moonlight night! Behind the radiance is a cosmic dance, an ebb and flow of symbolic information which can aid us in our life’s planning. Even farmers `plant at the new’ and harvest at `the last quarter’! Working consciously with the moon’s cycles can enhance your productivity, your personal growth and connect you with the great `cosmic clock.’

During this workshop you will learn:

· The mechanics of the lunar month and how to make take your goal setting to a whole new level
· How to use the lunar cycle to deepen your meditations and spiritual practices
· The cycles of the moon for the next 12 months
· Your personal `power times’ of the year for all arenas of life
· The particular specialized qualities of YOUR moon sign and what it means for your mediumship and/or spiritual growth

The workshop is open to all: no experience necessary in astrology. Please provide your birth data: birth date, time and place of birth upon registration:

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Cassandra Joan Butler, B.S.W., M.S., L.M.T., is an internationally regarded astrologer, who uses an integrative approach, blending mastery in astrology, bodywork and mediumship. An experienced teacher, she has taught at Lily Dale Assembly, Chautauqua Institution, SOTA, the Kepler Conference, UAC, and many WNY colleges. She is founding pastor of Divine Grace Fellowship and a faculty member of the Fellowships of the Spirit and a frequent media guest across the country. Her education includes degrees from Cornell and Syracuse Universities, and the New York Institute of Massage Therapy.