What we're about

We are Castellers of London, and we build human towers! We’ve been rehearsing and performing in London for 5 years, and we keep growing.

“Castells” - or human tower building - is a Catalan tradition where groups or teams, called “colles”, rehearse and compete to build towers as high and as complicated as possible. This tradition is nowadays international and there are over 100 official “colles”. Castellers of London is the first group established in the UK.

We are a community group where everybody is welcome, and everyone has a role: big or small, short or tall, strong or even not so strong (like most of us!), there is a position right for you in a human tower. In any given tower, there are upwards of twenty people of all shapes and sizes - in performances, we build structures with eighty people or more. Our membership is very open and mixed: we have members aged five to seventy-five, and families are welcome too.

Our group is quite large: we have 30 to 40 members rehearsing weekly, and for performances we usually reach eighty or so.

Apart from building human towers in our performances and rehearsals, we also meet regularly for drinks at the pub, nights out, days at the park and outdoor adventures.

We rehearse twice a week:
- Wednesdays 7-9pm: at Guy’s Hospital (at Atrium 1, Southwark wing), Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT
- Sundays 2-5pm: at the Thanet Youth & Community Centre, Herbert Street, London NW5 4HD

Just pop in at any of our rehearsals and give it a go; as simple as that! No MeetUp fees or anything like that.
Feel free to contact us and ask any questions.

Check out our facebook page: https://bit.ly/2OUhnkQ
Follow us on twitter: @CastellersLDN (https://twitter.com/CastellersLDN)

* * * What should I expect in a first rehearsal? * * *

During rehearsals, we practise a variety of structures - some with a view towards an eventual performance and others just for fun! At your first session, if you'd like to, you can expect to have the opportunity to learn how to safely and securely climb on the shoulders of someone and likewise how to support someone climbing on top of you, as well as learning in general how the structures we build work. Our learning curve is very gentle, and we take a "safety first" approach at all times - research in Catalonia on castells has suggested that it is considerably safer than other sports such as football, and we regard the safety of our participants as our top priority. We have a group of members who are our "welcome team" who are there to introduce you to castells at your first session.

After our Wednesday and Sunday rehearsals we go to the pub - please do join us for that as well!

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Free Human Towers Rehearsal + Social (Wednesday)

Guy's Hospital

Free Human Towers Rehearsal + Social

Salmon Youth Centre

Free Human Towers Rehearsal + Social (Wednesday)

Guy's Hospital

Free Human Towers Rehearsal + Social (Sunday)

The Thanet Youth & Community Centre

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