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Triangle Chess Center free open play chess
Free open play chess for the public at Triangle Chess Center located at 5920 S. Miami Blvd., Morrisville, NC 27560. Triangle Chess Center website: .

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Triangle Chess Center

5920 S. Miami Blvd. · Morrisville, nc

What we're about

The Castle Chess Club plays any kind of chess game - traditional or variant. The primary two variant games that are played are Castle Siege Chess and Castle Challenge Chess.

Castle Siege Chess

Castle Siege Chess is a complimentary game to traditional Chess. It provides skilled and novice Chess players with a companion Chess game that offers a different style of Chess and the option of adding two new medieval war pieces—the Archer and the Catapult—to compliment the Knights, Bishops, and Rooks. Or you can play with four Knights and four Bishops! And Castle Siege Chess is just as easy to learn and play as traditional Chess.

Castle Siege Chess is played on either an 8x12 chess board (96 squares) or the CirSquare 96 which is a 6x6 square board merged with a 3 band circular board. It also has 96 squares, which is 50% larger than the traditional 8x8 board. Each starting area consists of 24 spaces (50% more than traditional chess). You have the option to use just the traditional chess set (plus 4 pawns) or add the Archers and Catapults or add more Bishops and Knights.

Castle Siege Chess on the CirSquare 96 board has many interesting and powerful aspects:

• A wide variety of arrangements for the power pieces
• More interesting moves for the traditional Chess pieces
• Two new Chess pieces—the Archer and the Catapult—and four more Pawns
• Option to play with four Knights and four Bishops instead of using the Archers and Catapults
• An intriguing game board with both circular and rectangular paths and castle areas with castle walls
• The ability to attack the opponent's starting area (castle) from two sides as well as from the front
• High levels of strategy provided by more spaces, more pieces, more avenues of attack

Castle Challenge Chess

Chess like you have never played it before--very lively and entertaining. Castle Challenge Chess is a team game with 2 or 3 players per side. There are many options for each turn and the game can change quickly. You have everything you need to conduct a medieval war on a unique chess board (CirSquare 96):

• War fighters
• Offensive Weapons
• Defensive Weapons
• Reinforcements
• Money
• Cards
• Dice
• Challenges
• Strategy sheets
• Dungeon
• Oubliette
• 3 directions of attack
• Two new pieces—Archer and Catapult
• Timers and time cards
• General, Commander, and Finance Officer

The traditional chess pieces have their normal chess moves. However, there is no castling and the en pasant rule is not used.

Come be a General, Commander, or Finance Officer as your team’s army wages war against your opposing team in an entirely different way of playing Chess. Demos and games are held weekly.

You are welcome to play any kind of chess - traditional or variant. We are all about just having fun playing chess, no matter how it is played. Regardless of what you choose to play, you will definitely have a lot of fun!

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