What we're about

Welcome to the F'ing Around Couples Meetup of South Denver.
Did the name peak your curiosity? Good...Now that I have your attention, let's cover what we're about. When I thought about what I want this group to be, most words started with an "F". So here goes.
We are:
Fun - We realize we only have so many trips around the sun so we best get on with the fun living stuff.
Funny - We like to laugh. Any questions?
Fashion-Conscious - We care about the way we look. Don't get me wrong, we are not wearing suits to these events, but our wardrobes are from this decade and we take a bit of pride in bringing our "A" game (more Ryan Gosselin than Zach Galifianacis if you catch my drift).
Fit - No not Hans and Franz fit, but we make an effort and it shows...so strut your stuff.
Flirty - No..we are not a swingers group....but we're also not dead. We are secure enough with ourselves and our relationships that we can be flirty with others and not worry about calling a divorce lawyer.
Free Spirited- Uptight people can join a different group. If you get offended by TSA "copping a feel" at the airport, guess what....you're uptight.
Politics / Religion "Free" Zone - I learned from a recent meetup that if you want to kill a party, start bashing the political party you don't affiliate with. This group will not keep members that can't leave that stuff at home.

Thirty to Fifties (ish) - Although Less about age and more about attitude. Your kids are older or out of the house (or you just want to escape the little guys once in a while), and you want to get out of your cage and be that 20 year old again. No hard age rules here as long as the other "F" words apply.

So..if this sounds like the kind of couple you are and want to people you want to hang with...make your move.

This is a couples only group (married or dating).

Thank you.

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