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What we’re about

Welcome!  Scenic, casual, safe bike rides for fun and recreation all over the Farmington Valley, Hartford and shoreline area.
See great neighborhoods, view beautiful New England scenery and make new friends.  We have a blast on every single bike ride!  So if you feel it is more than just the bike ride that matters, then this group is for you.

Casual Bikers is one of the most active cycling groups in the world according to Meetup. Our group Organizers have had the honor of being one of the top 100 Organizers out of 330,000 Meetups worldwide. With over 10,000 reviews, our events have been rated 5 stars.

This group is for cyclists who are least 18 years of age, looking for fun, fellowship and fitness.  It's not about cool gear or speed - this is all about getting out there and getting some exercise while enjoying yourself and the company of others.

Most of our rides will be on paved bicycle-friendly roads while some rides will be on paved or hard packed stone dust/gravel trails.
Helmets help prevent head injuries. You must wear one on every bike ride.

Head and tail lights are required on all rides ending after sundown. Reflective gear is strongly recommended. Ride organizers will do their best to find and lead safe rides. Each rider must keep their own bike and gear in proper condition, follow all traffic laws and follow safe riding practices. Keep the correct size spare tire tube with you on all rides. Please check your tire for proper tire pressure before each ride.

Clothing suggestions- You don't need to dress in the latest cycling gear to attend. This will still be a casual affair but padded pants and shorts, faster drying breathable shirts and biking gloves are recommended. Rides continue into colder months so use layers of clothing that can be adjusted as necessary.
Type of bicycle- The majority of our riders use hybrid bicycles. These work best at our pace of 10 mph and ride better on stone dust trails and off road. Your local bike shop is the best place to purchase one.

Casual Bikers welcomes your feedback and questions.

Message Board Etiquette-

Please note that messages containing the following will not be allowed:  
Content that is inappropriate for a public forum such ads, spam, self promotion or references to products, offers, or websites and off topic information.  Email addresses, links to other websites and other forms of contact. Posts that attack, insult, "flame", defame members or our events.

Check out one of our bike rides:

Please Note: Casual Bikers is not liable for any injuries that may occur while attending our events.  By RSVPing to attend our events, you acknowledge that you accept full responsibility of your person and belongings as well as any guests you may bring, waiving any right to hold the group and its members responsible as pertained by"Terms of Service : Section 6.2 " found HERE (
There are various types of rides scheduled throughout the entire year structured for riders of all abilities, plus night rides both on and off road.
So become a Casual Biker and come out and ride!