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This group was started by Ben Libner (now Ben Fogarty) in March 2013 to form a cadre of MtG players who enjoy EDH, drafting and casual play in the Boston area. Mike Wetmore became the new Lead Organizer in January 2015.

We enjoy teaching people how to play EDH or draft and welcome people who are getting back into it after time away. We are happy to loan spare decks to new members, so even if you don't have your own cards, that's okay! We get together at members' apartments/houses in Waltham, Arlington or Lexington mainly because our homes are free venues. If you find it difficult to get to our meetups because you rely on public transportation, PLEASE reach out to one of the organizers and we will happily figure out a ride to pick you up and return you to the nearest T or commuter rail stop.

To learn more about what EDH is, go here:

For all games using poison counters in this group, 12 counters will be the requirement for victory. We came to this number because it is Blightsteel Colossus + 1.

We have a house banned/unbanned and rules list. If anyone has a suggestion for a certain card to be added to the banned list, please start a discussion on the website or at a meetup! The list below is only meant to be changes from the standard banned list, otherwise the usual rules stand.

Unbanned in this group:

-The banned as commander list of old still stands. Rofellos and Braids are OK in the 99, but not as commanders.

Banned in this group:

-Iona, Shield of Emeria. This is a 'soft' ban. We determined the card to be un-fun because it denies someone's ability to play Magic. And that's why we get together in the first place.

Considered for the Ban-Hammer:

-Consecrated Sphinx. Far too often this gets copied and slows the game to a crawl.

House rules and Errata-ed effects in this group:

-Any card that has an effect when your life total is a certain number happens when your life is twice that number (e.g. Serra Ascendent triggers at 60 life, Felidar Sovereign at 80).

-The change to tuck rules as pertaining to generals that was published on March 23, 2015 is not recognized in this group. If an effect would put a general into its owner's library then it does so and its owner may not choose to return it to the command zone.

Furthermore, wishes are always allowed in your decks, and your wishboard is your 10 card optional sideboard (not your entire collection outside of your deck; cards in your wishboard must be unique from cards in your deck).

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