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Casual Yet Committed is a D&D group for four to seven mature gamers in Edmonton. Casual means no one is going to be a rules lawyer or a min-maxer. Committed means everyone can commit to a regular schedule for either in-person or online games, probably once every couple weeks to a month, certainly not weekly. Gender and age are not important, but maturity is absolutely non-negotiable.

To keep it simple, I am thinking D&D 5e (Fifth Edition) set in the Forgotten Realms since there is a lot of material available already. I don't have a large preference regarding the level of magic in the world, but I am more inclined to avoiding alternate planes and the whole multiverse thing. I do want to have role-playing in the group, but am not too keen on live action (LARP). I also don't have a large preference for diversity of races. I could be happy with the standard Tolkien races, or could go for a campaign with Tabaxi and Tieflings.

All of these variables can be in play once a group forms (assuming a group does form, that is!). I want everyone to want to be part of the creation of the group and the world, and I absolutely want everyone to have fun. These are my thoughts but I can be swayed. If you are interested, join the group and we can get to know each other to see if there is interest.


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Session 0 - meet, plan, and roll some characters!

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