• Catan at Metazoa

    Metazoa Brewing Company

    We'll give a few weeks for the exhaustion of Gen Con to wear off before our next meetup! Let's play at Metazoa, they have reserved some tables for us and serve beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. You can bring in or order in food, and they also have a permanent food truck outside that serves awesome BBQ. They have a parking lot for easy parking and are dog-friendly if you'd like to bring your pup. Feel free to come anytime afternoon if you can't make the noon start and stay as long or little as you'd like! You may just need to wait for another game to end before hopping into one. We typically have at least a few games going and usually have a few variations of Catan outside of the standard game. We're also open to playing other board games so if you have another favorite you'd like to teach the group bring it!