What we're about

The purpose of The Catchall Crew is to have a meetup group that includes everybody!
You don't have to be in your 20's, in a certain industry, a woman, an entrepreneur, single, or be fun or vegan or only like dogs. You don't have to have your life together!

This group is for people who need a judgement free environment to let out their hurt, talk about their battles, get support and perspective, and share in supporting our neighbors going through their own obstacles in life. I want to be able to provide an environment where we can release pain and negativity, then lean on our neighbors for resources, ideas, and connections to help eachother get over our obstacles and onto literally living our best lives. What is YOUR purpose, your passion, what brings you joy? It's okay if you don't know! You are not alone. There is so much power in coming together to help eachother grow, heal, thrive and feel loved.
Our events are going to start out just as an open session/support group. It will follow wherever the need goes!

Past events (2)

Whine Wednesday

Dilworth Tasting Room

Soul Session!

Dilworth Tasting Room

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