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First Fridays Sacrifice for Success
First Fridays are a blessing to your family, your life, your business. If you can get away for one mass a month, we can pray for each other's businesses and success. Blessings

St Margaret Catholic Church

4300 Oceanside Blvd · Oceanside

What we're about

The group is for all individuals who own their business, are in business, work for a business, are an employee of a business, self-employeed, gainfully unemployed, or who are retired wishing to connect with the business community. This is not just for religious businesses.

The idea for the group is to assist individuals as they engage in their day to day business activity while trying to maintain their Catholic or Christian moral foundation. Society can get in the way of growing in ones faith while serving the community. Here, one can come and share their "adventures" in balancing your financial and spiritual growth. Where one can find a safe space to voice their opinions and concerns when facing the challenges of falling into the mold.

Following the examples of the Patron Saints of Business, St. Homobonus and St. Faber, the group will aspire to grow in the God given gifts while serving the community with honesty, respect, and honor. This group is best suited for Catholic business owners, entrepreneurial spirits, gainfully employed and not so gainfully employed. Looking to gather together to assist each other in fulfilling their God-given dreams. The idea for the group is to reach out to one another and assist each other in living the passions that God has laid on each person's heart and in doing so live a rich, happy and fulfilling life.


Please respect that the group is founded on Catholic principals. This does NOT mean I don't respect your religion, it does mean that I will be praying for the group as a Catholic and welcome you to join me, but do not require you to pray according to my expectations, just respect them. Thank you.

Se habla español.

Este groupo es para la comunidad empresarial católicos. Todos son bienvenidos.

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