• Reinventing the Burn Chart with BJ Allmon

    Hopewell Works

    Twenty years ago when BJ entered the field, we measured initiative velocity with a beautiful and straightforward burndown line. BJ- The amount of information in that little graph astonished me until I realized later that it hid information. So, I moved on to the burnup and experimented with all kinds of forms of estimation and risk/uncertainty buffering techniques until now. To this day, I've been reinventing the way the teams I work with visualize progress toward a goal. I'm excited to share these discoveries with you all!

  • Organizing Your Data - Where to Start?

    Hopewell Works

    How do you help your customers, if you don't know what their pain points are? After merging four companies in less than two years, The communication company had found their sales team had increased difficulty quoting prices and placing orders. The support calls were increasing every month, and the systems used to capture the issues their customers were having provided some data, but not enough to truly analyze and gain insight on why their customers were having so many issues. Russ and his team came in and helped organize their data so that now, instead of having over 15 different streams of information coming in, all reporting differently, Russ developed one dashboard that precisely and quickly broke down the issues of their customers by standardizing the reporting systems to all spit back data that was now easy to navigate and analyze, helping them optimize their support centers, and create happier customers overall Russ Abrams has extensive experience leading transformation efforts across various industries, including healthcare, government, telecommunications, information systems, and retail. As a consultant and trainer, he applies innovative Lean Six Sigma solutions to drive the strategy execution, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Russ excels at building strong teams, processes and control systems in a unique way that enables organizations to live continuous improvement, not just learn it.

  • Data Governance with Scott Peachy - Director of Data Governance at Nationwide

    Scott Peachy is here to teach you that Data governance isn’t something that should scare you, and shouldn’t be something that costs you an arm and a leg. If you are looking to learn how to govern your data through a hyper-focused service-oriented approach, then why not learn from an Award Winning Program! Recently, Nationwide was awarded the 2019 DGIQ Best Practices award, and this presentation will give you a taste of this was accomplished at Nationwide. Scott will touch on service offerings, communication, how to market your DG program, and why critical data elements should be your focus. We kick off at 5:30 pm with some beer and networking, then Scott will begin his presentation at 6:00 pm sharp. The presentation and Q + A session wraps up at 7:00 pm, but you're more than welcome to hang out after for some more networking and another beer (or two).

  • Programming the Crowd

    Hopewell Works

    Join us for our second meetup at Hopewell works with speaker Rebecca Carter on March 26th at 5:30 pm (new time). Rebecca will be covering crowdsourcing, and how the collection and use of this data can help you become more cost-effective and efficient. We will provide beer, refreshments, and time to network before Rebecca's speech at 6:00 pm Afterward, whoever would like to continue networking, has any more questions or just wants to stick around for another beer, we will move to Wolfs Ridge Brewing where AWH will buy a round for the remaining attendees! “Crowdsourcing” is the act of allocating work traditionally performed by employees or contractors to an anonymous collection of individuals in the form of an open call. Organized via online platforms such as Crowdflower and Amazon Mechanical Turk, these crowds have an incredible capacity for tackling diverse and complex problems at scale. Crowdsourcing is a powerful and efficient model for idea generation, research, prediction, and leveraging previously inaccessible resources. However, unique implementation challenges come with engaging the crowd. Overlooking or poorly addressing these challenges can detrimentally impact the quality of outcomes and experiences for everyone involved. This talk will feature best practices and pitfalls that can come with reaching these anonymous online distributed networks, and accurately collecting and analyzing the data received. We’ll go into a deep dive of design paradigms for cost-effective, efficient, and reproducible crowdsourcing initiatives such as micro-tasks and voting.

  • The Current State of Data and Analytics

    Hopewell Works

    Kathy Koontz will be speaking about the current state of data and analytics, and how each industry has matured at a different rate with the way they utilize the data available to them.