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Tools Of The Trade with Brian Gorman
Please note that the location is at Mill Race and not Old Chicago, and that it is the 2nd Monday of July instead of the 1st. Upon registering, you will be asked for your email address and will be placed on a Jimmy John's group order. Food will be delivered around 11:45, with the presentation starting at noon. You can also bring your own lunch if you'd like. Tools of the trade: Error Logging, Web Request Tracing, and Background Jobs for your .Net applications In this talk, we'll cover basic functionality and usage of three free tools for working with .Net applications. The first tool will dive into error logging using Elmah. This tool is available for free as a nuget package, and can be easily wired up to log your errors, as well as other critical application information at the time of the error. The second tool we'll look at is Stackify Prefix, which is a great tool for looking into your web requests, and can specifically help you recognize instances where you might be overworking your web and database resources. We'll finish up by looking into Hangfire, which gives us the ability to run processes in the background on our applications. Like Elmah, Hangfire can be easily installed with a nuget package and a couple of quick configuration steps. All of the tools are good for any .Net application, however in this talk we'll be using a default ASP.Net MVC application for the purposes of our demonstration.

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