What we're about

At Celebrate Recovery, you simply come as you are - with all your hurts, habits and hangups. We're just like you - we've been there (and ARE there) - and you won't be judged. Really.

CR is a balanced program, based on things Jesus said (as found in the Bible). The deepest thing about you isn't that you're an addict - it's that you are a person of inestimable worth - created in the very image of God, by God. THAT is the true identity of each human - and we go hard after that reality at CR. That's why you'll never have to say, "I'm an alcoholic or I'm an addict, etc." You are VASTLY MORE than that - and you're welcome at Celebrate Recovery.

Since 1991, CR has been showing people the loving power of Jesus through a recovery process. Today, more than 20,000 CR groups exist to help people like you - like us - find the healing and wholeness they long for.

Imagine. A new life.

Check out Celebrate Recovery and discover if there's a new life waiting for you too.

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