What we're about

CelesOS is a new generation of blockchain operation system developed by CelesOS team. CelesOS integrates the latest blockchain technology, DPoW consensus and current regulation / compliance framework allowing the communities, bankers, lawyers, regulators, developers and other professionals to contribute the details and implementations. According to different scenarios and setting, CelesOS supports public chain, consortium chain and private chain to manage different communities. The public chain setting of CelesOS is named as the Celes Chain.

CelesOS chooses to actively collaborate with different regulators, building a blockchain platform for institutions to build their DApps to comply with regulations and legal frameworks much easier and cheaper. In order to achieve this, first of all, CelesOS designs a special role / access for regulators to implement their regulations from a system level. Secondly, CelesOS will provide a computer smart contract script language which is similar to current legal and compliance language. Moreover, CelesOS implements a special "Legal / Compliance mapping layer" for mapping computer codes / smart contracts with current legal term-sheets or contracts.

DPoW (Delegated Proof of Work) is another important innovation in consensus level. By using DPoW, CelesOS is able to achieve "Decentralization", "Scalability" and "Security", all of them together in the system level, while maintaining a high performance TPS comparable with EOS chain, to support enterprise grade decentralized applications.

CelesOS team is dedicated to build the bridge for the gap between the blockchain and regulators / financial industry. We believe that the only blockchain technology which works with regulators can have a real future. We trust that only the entire communities work and contribute together can make this happen.

We are building this group to call for the developers, bankers, lawyers and other professionals to join us. Let's work together and participate the future of blockchain! We will be organizing regular events worldwide with different topics.

Each session we will be holding will have below different topics but not limited to:

(1) CelesOS Introductions and implementations

(2) Sophisticated blockchain developers to discuss the technology implementations.

(3) Consensus discussions in an academic level.

(4) Blockchain introductions to non-developers professionals such as bankers, lawyers and engineers

(5) Compliances, regulations and legal framework discussions for CelesOS / Blockchains

Past events (2)

Introducion a CelesOS y Blockchain ShenZhen

Room 118A, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Chanxueyan Building

Blockchain and CelesOS Introduction - Hong Kong Meetup

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