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Celtic Studies Group - Sponsored by Blackstone Grove headquartered in North Providence, RI along the Blackstone Valley. Find us on facebook!

This meetup is a monthly study group in which we will explore different topics within Celtic Studies, such as literature, folklore, history, poetry, music, language and culture with a focus on Druidry and Celtic spiritual practices. Each month will have a different topic depending on what attendees are interested in learning, with occasional special topic discussions being provided. Emphasis will be on how to incorporate Celtic spirituality into today’s world. All who come with an open heart and a desire to learn are welcome.

This group is open to all ages and backgrounds and does not discriminate based on race, religion of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, socioeconomic status, family status, learning and cognitive processing style, or physical/medical condition. Abuse, discrimination and dismissal of the lived experiences of other group members will neither be tolerated nor ignored, but will be addressed directly and immediately as it arises.

This meetup will be held at the Pawtucket Public Library the first Monday of each month from 7-8 PM and is on the library calendar.

Blackstone Grove is a Rhode Island based Druid Seed group affiliated with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) as well as the New Order of Druids (NOD). We draw on inspiration from nature, OBOD and NOD training and a wide variety of other Celtic related sources to shape and mold our spirituality. We celebrate the turning of the wheel with a focus on the Four Fire Festivals and hold the occasional movie event, field trip or class. Please PM for further information.

About Me: Hi everyone, I am Nichole and I've been Pagan in general since 1999, Druid since 2012. I refer to myself as a Bean-Draoi and a Celtic Devotional Polythiest, dedicated to Brighid and The Morrigan. I am a larper, stepdancer, ren faire volunteer and an adult adoptee. I'm a Chapter Co-Ambassador for Savvy Womens' Alliance RI. I am also in the Daughters of the Flame, Morrigu's Daughters, Tuatha De Morrigan, Strong Roots and Wide Branches and Macha's Justice. I am dedicated to lifelong learning and teaching, and am grateful for this group!

**Some important reminders and housekeeping notes:

- On that day of the meetup, I may be out and about beforehand and don't have internet on my phone. If you can't come or will be late to a meetup please call or text me at 4012-309-8399.

- We want people to join who are active and participating, so each year we will contact anyone who has not been to at least one meetup to see what their future intentions are for attendance.

- This meetup is free for all participants but not free for admins so please consider donating if you can.

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