Healing Racism & Upholding Ethnic Fairness


Religious Diversity and Inclusion: Is religious intolerance like racial tolerance, gender tolerance…? Do we need to agree with what other people believe, or, as humans, extend them the freedom to believe and act as their religion requests? Join us in a conscious discussion about this crucial topic.

The Spiritually Guided Social Uplift Ministries approaches the issues of the day with a spiritual focus that transcends the polarizing political agenda that is often discouraging attention and thoughtful discussion of these issues. This is a powerful curriculum and the CSLBV sessions will be facilitated by Reverend Jyoti and Practitioner Kelly Robbins.

The 2019 curriculum features four of nine modules: Gun Responsibility and Healing Violence; Religious Diversity and Inclusion; Healing Racism and Upholding Ethnic Fairness; Homelessness and Poverty. In 2020, the remaining five modules will be offered: Climate Truth; Women's Issues and Rights; Immigration and Refugee Rights; Healthcare; Gender and Sexual Identity & Expression.

Discussions are held once a month.

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