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The purpose of CENTER SPACE Sedona is to foster and facilitate spiritual, personal and community empowerment and enlightenment. CENTER SPACE (http://www.centerspace.com) is a non-profit membership organization that has been publishing, producing and sharing publications, seminars and membership services since 1985.

For examples of prior programs and events featuring world-class authors and trainers for up to 1,800 participants, see http://normanvincentpeale.wordpress.com (http://normanvincentpeale.wordpress.com), http://www.candoresourcecenter.com and http://www.seedonow.com .

Formal establishment of a Sedona Chapter was a result of the new Sedona Collaborative Enterprises (http://www.sedonacollaborativeenterprises.com) (www.sedonacollaborativeenterprises.com). Participants were invited to share their priority interests in six main project areas that follow in the order of partcipants' priorities including: #1 Fostering Spiritual and Community Enlightenment; #2 Cocreating Intentional Community (http://www.sedonacollaborativeenterprises.com/intentional_communities.htm); #3 Cocreating a Retreat Center (http://www.sedonacollaborativeenterprises.com/retreat_centers.htm); #4 Establishing a Public Company for Empowerment and Enlightenment (http://www.usmark.org); #5 Expanding the Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living (http://www.ultimatedestinyuniversity.org); and #6 Creating a new Series Limited Liability Company (http://www.sedonacollaborativeenterprises.com/series_llc.htm) to attract funding for various for-profit ventures.

As the top shared interest was spiritual, personal and community enlightenment, we decided to establish a Meet Up group as part of the process of sharing our vision, sense of mission and invite any other individuals and organizations who resonate with them to participate.

If you are interested in spiritually centered approaches to solving the personal, community, national and global "success puzzles" we face including social, economic and environmental challenges, please do join this Meet Up and share your wisdom, expertise and experiences with us.

Thank you for taking time to visit and review what we have shared so far.

PS. If you would like an overview of how we are helping introduce the spiritual principles and practices known as New Thought, please visit Universal Center for Spiritual Living (http://www.universalcenterforspiritualliving.org). In addition, the more ulimate vision we are participating in to help Solve Our Personal, Community and Global Success Puzzles is shared at Ultimate Success Puzzle.com (http://www.ultimatesuccesspuzzle.com)

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