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The Center of Light is a highly diverse collection of individuals who come together to encourage and support each other on their unique, personal, spiritual paths.

Through the exchange of concepts and principles from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds, we strive to better understand our relationship with God, and we work to grow our awareness of divine principles and how to apply them in our daily lives.

We value our passion for spiritual development and, by holding our minds open to explore new thoughts and interpretations, we contribute to it by making our individual prayers, meditations, and studies a significant part of our lives.

Plus, we have loads of fun in our Sunday discussions and get together's and events. It's all Love!!

DISCLAIMER - The Center of Light does not assume any responsibility or liability for information, communication, practices or materials offered by individuals, groups or organizations through our newsletter, website or other communications and our involvement does not constitute or imply endorsement.

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METAPHYSICAL/SPIRITUAL SERVICE and discussion w/ Rev. Monica McIntyre

Please plan to attend our virtual celebration service this Sunday from 10am - 11:30am To receive a Zoom invite, please email Monica McIntyre at [masked]. We'd love to see you there! Start your Sunday in a positive way with others of like mind and spirit for Meditation, Music, Spiritual discussion, Blessings and a real uplifting feel good experience. We welcome All who wish to attend no matter your faith or beliefs. We have been established for a number of years. Our group of spiritual like minded seekers about 30+ or so is on of Tulsa's best kept secret for Spiritual Gatherings. We hope you may find a place in your week to join us. All are welcome. All is love. All ages are welcome, all orientations, all cultures, all different previous religions. We hope you will find a new family by attending. We are a group held together by love, sharing and caring for each other and the universe. We are not associated with any other ministries and are completely independent in thought and practices. We are a non-profit organization, 501(c)3 Which also means we are completely funded through the generosity of those who attend all of the functions at the Center of Light and some functions held at others homes. We do not charge to attend, however we will accept a love offering cash/check which is tax deductible during service, classes, groups and all events to help sustain our monthly expenses of operation.

Green Country Friends -Deeper awareness of the Inner Light (Quakers) Group

We welcome you to our Meeting for Worship. Worship adds depth to life, and in that depth the ultimate meaning of life may be discovered. We hope that you will find here Divine guidance, encouragement, friendship, help with your daily problems and a deeper awareness of what Quakers for three hundred years have called the INNER LIGHT. Friends (commonly called Quakers) have no formal creed or statement of belief and no outward sacraments. Our manner of worship is to wait in silent expectancy, seeking to experience God's presence. The responsibilities of ministry are shared by everyone. Therefore, we have no clergy. In the stillness there may come to any of us a message which he or she feels compelled to share with all. It may spring from a sense of inward communion, a concern previously pondered, or a need for understanding. We make no prior decision to speak or to remain silent. Such messages often develop in the united worship of those attending the Meeting, touching deep roots in many, and drawing us closer together in love and worship. United in love and strengthened by truth, the worshipers enter upon a new level of living, despite the different ways in which they may account for this life-expanding experience. The Meeting will close after several members have shaken hands, and we often arise and join hands one with another. Your presence will enrich our worship. We hope that you will want to be with us. Love donations to Center of Light are gratefully appreciated

TAI CHI with Certified Sifu Hilde Patterson - First timers also very welcomed!

Hilde Patterson is Certified by Grand-master Jimmy Wong and has been teaching since 2000. Class meets every Tuesday, 6:00pm - 7:00pm unless otherwise announced For more information please call Hilde at[masked] or e-mail at [masked] Limited openings available for $45.00 Per Month Please RSVP here on meetup and we will see you on Tuesday. And remember, we were all first timers at one time. No Fear, just do it! • Tai Chi • * Is slow-paced exercise system that evolved from martial arts and is often described as a moving meditation • * Considered a safe option for people of all ages and sizes as it does not put too much stress on the muscles and joints. • * Inexpensive exercise, no equipment or special uniform. • * May also be practiced alone • *Positive effects on balance control, fitness, and flexibility. • * Reduces risk of falls among all individuals who have suffered from severe heart conditions. • * Recognized by the Arthritis Foundation and the Diabetic Association as a safe exercise program.

Book Club Wednesdays "Love Without End", by Glenda Green

Center of Light

The Center of Light Book Club will begin the book "Only Love is Real" by Brian Weiss, MD, on Wednesday, 2:30 - 4 pm at the Center. Book is available used on Amazon. All are welcome. Donation based.

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