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Are you new to this meetup site? Be sure to scroll down or go to the calendar for upcoming events! Also note that some workshop/seminar events may have advance reservation discounts at www.aziands.org.

NOTE: There are now two (soon to be three!) Phoenix area IANDS groups scheduling events on this meetup site!

Mesa IANDS - meets at Unity of Mesa, 2700 E Southern Ave, Mesa

Northwest Valley IANDS - meets at Advent Episcopal church, 13150 W Spanish Garden Dr, Sun City West

North Central Arizona IANDS - meeting location being selected soon in Prescott, AZ

There are two meeting types - Guest Speaker Events & Small Sharing Groups.

Guest Speaker Events (when scheduled after talks in Tucson on the 2nd Thursdays monthly Oct - May):
Mesa - Fridays at 7pm at Unity of Mesa
Northwest Valley IANDS - Sundays at 2pm at Advent Episcopal
North Central Arizona IANDS - tba

There will be small group sessions in Mesa and Northwest Valley starting 1 hour before guest speaker events.

Mesa IANDS, Northwest Valley IANDS, and North Central Arizona IANDS are registered groups with the International Association for Near-Death Studies ( http://www.iands.org ). For 40 years IANDS continues to be the acknowledged leader in reliable information, education and support for near-death (NDE) and spiritually transformative (STE) experiences. Central AZ IANDS groups partner with Tucson IANDS to sponsor guest speakers on these topics from October through May - typically then on Fridays at Unity of Mesa and Sunday afternoons at Advent Episcopal in Sun City West. North Central Arizona IANDS will be announcing meeting scheduling and participation in the Central AZ IANDS guest speaker programs in the near future.

This group is open for anyone drawn to this subject. We are all seekers and experiencers and it is not necessary to be near-death to have the features and effects of an NDE (which by the way is the definition of a spiritually transformative experience or STE)!

Upcoming events (1)

Marjorie Woollacott Workshop
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Needs a location

The Nature of Consciousness: How To Reconcile Scientific and Experiential Perspectives In this workshop, Dr. Woollacott will lead participants in an in-depth exploration of the nature of consciousness from both the scientific perspective and that of direct experience, discussing how each contributes to a complete understanding of the topic. She will lead you in discussions regarding the processes that underlie both meditation and energy healing. You will then explore together studies on near-death experiences, which validate the presence of clear awareness when there is no brain activity. In the workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore in small groups your own experiences as well as the implications of this research for our understanding of consciousness. Marjorie Hines Woollacott, PhD, has been a neuroscience professor at the University of Oregon for more than three decades and a meditator for almost four. Her research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, and she coauthored a popular textbook for health professionals and has written more than 180 peer-reviewed research articles—several of which were on meditation, the topic that motivated her to write Infinite Awareness. Recommended pricing: Earlybird: $50 non-member, $40 AZ IANDS member Regular/Day-of-Event: $60 non-member, $45 AZ IANDS member To Register: https://aziands.org/events/event/workshop-mesa/ Wollacott Workshop - 2017 December IANDS Mesa (Dec 16, 10:00 am - noon) IANDS Tucson (Dec 17, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm)

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