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This meetup, inspired by the Dallas Hackers Association (https://www.dallashackers.com/) (@Dallas_Hackers (https://twitter.com/Dallas_Hackers)), is for cyber misfits, bit bums, digital heathens and students. It is also for cyber security professionals in polos, white hats (whatever those are), black hats, gray hats, pen-testers and those who want to observe us break things you were lead to believe couldn't be broken. Join us at the Innovation Hub on the first Tuesday of every month.

All skill levels are welcome. We encourage you to share any projects or ideas that you might be working on. Not only does this make your community wiser but it helps to solidify your understanding of the subject. This is a great opportunity for you to pin down a topic in a certification you are working toward.

The first half of the meet will be for presentations. Unless presentations run over, the last half of our time will be for table talk (CTFs, exploits, tools, Mr Robot, etc). While we love scheduling out our presentations, the floor is always open. Just get up and speak. Presentations should be 10 minutes or less. Let us know if you plan to go over and we will schedule you.

We have an amazing venue. I can't thank The Regional Arkansas Innovation Hub (https://arhub.org/) enough. They truly believe and do a great job in cultivating talent and skills in the community. They even have saws, lasers and fire things. Check them out.

Recruiters are not only welcome but encouraged to join. So much talent resides here and they need to be fed. If your company is looking for Information Security Professionals, CAH is a great place to start looking.

We are new at this and want to do it right. Please message us if you have ideas on how we can make things better. We need volunteers to help build CTF challenges, maintain the website and more. I could definitely use a creative mind to make texts such as these more exciting.

Donations are always welcome and are used for food, drink, CTF prizes, maintaining the Meetup fees, etc. However, Blake and I have scrapped several of our piggy banks to make this work and we will continue to do so. We believe we can make Little Rock known for more...well....you know what we are known for.

Please review the Code of Conduct below, before joining. I take this part very seriously.

I hope you enjoy your time with us and learn awesome things.



Code of Conduct

What we will not tolerate, in all seriousness, is any form of discrimination/harassment. If we observe or hear about such behavior we will, at minimum, ban you from the group.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to: *

• Verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion or any other aspect of personal identity.

• Sexual images in public spaces

• Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following

• Harassing photography or recording

• Sustained disruption of talks or other events

• Inappropriate physical contact

• Unwelcome sexual attention

• Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior

Reporting Harassment

If any member(s) make you feel uncomfortable, report it ASAP. We will take every measure possible and work with you 100% to ensure you enjoy your time with us. You may approach organizers directly, message organizers through the meetup app or report@arkhack.com.

Other House Rules

• [TENTATIVE] Starting August 2018, members must attend one meetup within the year (August 2019) to maintain membership. The website, which will be online soon, will provide exclusive content, provided by us the members. This content will contain write-ups for CTFs, shared articles, how to exploit vulnerabilities, etc. This content is produced by those who participate and contribute to the group. Therefore, those who do not participate do not get access to these materials.

• Be good to each other. Limited heckling is expected. But ultimately, be decent.

• If you plan on attending, please register for the event. This helps ensure we can accommodate.

*Part of the code of conduct was discovered at OURSA's code of conduct page

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Arkansas Innovation Hub

Please note, we live by the early definition of hack. The one used to describe the MIT model train club members who modified (hacked) their train cars to perform other functions. I want all to understand that this is a meetup who's members are focused on creating new things, modifying old things or learning how to do new things. If you have created a new language, introduce it. If you have a way to access the Gibson, share it. If you just learned how to run an NMAP scan, share it. Just learned how to pick a lock? Share that. If you found a google dork share it. If you created a GUI to run all google dorks, share that. Little is off the table. Just follow the rules and don't incriminate yourself (yes...FBI, State Police and others often join us). This is a place to ask questions. Want to know the basics of securing a web page? Want to know more about a vulnerability or exploit? Want to know the difference? Ask the group. Someone will have something and if not, this is where the magic lives. Collaborative research. We will work together to find the answers at the meetup, through slack or other means. This is a place for all those who ask what if, how come, what else and then use a loose version of the scientific method to find out the answers to those questions. All experience levels are welcome. Just curious bodies. If you have questions about this meetup contact us through slack or meetup messenger. If you would like to present you can get up at anytime after the scheduled presenters given enough time. We must be out of the Innovation Hub by 8:00. To schedule a presentation, contact one of the organizers and we will include you in the following list. This Months Talks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sudonym - An Intro to Exploit-Databases

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