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What we’re about

Come join us if you'd like to enjoy Fun, Fitness, and Friendship! Volksmarching is a world-wide collection of clubs that design, map out, and run single-day and year-round walks that can be enjoyed individually or in groups. We meet once a month on the fourth Thursday, and come together for a group walk that following Saturday. We have Year Round Events (YREs) from Cambria to Port Hueneme, so there's something for everyone! All of our walks can be found at
Please consider becoming a member of our non-profit walking club. For just the price of a couple of coffees, you can help provide safe and enjoyable walks for all the Central Coast to enjoy! Click on the link below, print up the pdf Membership Application, fill it out (PLEASE print legibly :), and send it in with a check made payable to the CCBB. Thanks for your support, and see you on the trails! 
Link to membership application -