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This group is about generating, refining and testing various circle format constructs to ultimately provide the best solution we can offer in terms of group healing and awakening. I have recently teamed up with one of the best Non-violent communication facilitators I've had the pleasure of working with. Together, our intent is to make this a sort of genesis group, acting as forerunners for group communication surrounding each circles shared truth and our capacity to resonate within it in a safe and comfortable group setting. While we have already drafted a framework similar to the restorative circle process, this group will very much be one of discovery.

This is not a self help group, but it is a group where deep healing and awakening cannot help but occur because together the group collective has a natural tendency of shedding very clear light on any circumstance. This groups primary purpose will be to outline a sustainable framework for group communication which could eventually be duplicated on a larger scale. We have currently been testing various circle format constructs in small test groups and are now ready to practice in more dynamic groups. We're really excited to watch these circles evolve and to be involved in all of the inner progress they offer to its participants!

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