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This group is dedicated to the Old School Revival and to keeping 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) alive and well, and to reliving the golden age of role-playing. Many of the group's members played AD&D in the 1980s (some in the 1970s), but no experience with 1st edition AD&D is necessary (or D&D at all), and players of all ages and experience are welcome. If you haven't played 1st edition before, a good primer on old-school gaming can be downloaded here: Primer for Old-School Gaming (http://www.lulu.com/us/en/shop/matthew-finch/quick-primer-for-old-school-gaming/ebook/product-3159558.html).

We currently have two separate games being run: The Borderlands Campaign (our flagship group, with DM James Garoutsos, which meets every other Friday night), and a campaign run by DM John, which meets every other Saturday night. If you are interested in joining one of these campaign games, please contact the DM to determine if there is space available.

In addition to our regular sessions, we have various special events, such as a Gary Gygax Day game (July 27). We also hold an annual tournament, our first held in June 2018 with 15 attendees and two teams. Our second annual tournament will be held on Saturday, June 29, 2019.

The official podcast of the guild is called GROGTALK, which can be found on iTunes and Google Play! as well as using your browser - http://www.grogcon.com/podcast . The podcast is also on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTgDjmeyxpWPFALgN0Q4vlQ?

Start planning to attend GROGCON @ Crucible 8, Oct 11-13. Go to http://www.grogcon.com (http://www.grogcon.com/) for more information.

If you choose not to join us (perhaps choosing to adventure in the safer lands of later editions), we understand completely. First edition is not for the faint of heart. However, before leaving this site we encourage you to visit the Character Graveyard (https://www.meetup.com/Central-Florida-1st-Edition-AD-D-Grognards-Guild/pages/23808777/Character_Graveyard/), and pay your respects to those who braved the land of 1st edition, but did not return.

Upcoming events (5+)

Second Annual Summer Tournament (Gary Gygax Day)

The Central Florida AD&D (1st ed.) Grognards Guild is holding its second annual tournament on Saturday, July 27, 2019, Gary Gygax Day. Location at Sci-Fi City. Come early to watch GrogTalk live at 10:30-12:00! What to bring: Players Handbook (1st ed.) and dice. Pregenerated characters will be provided. Please RSVP if you plan to attend, so we can start getting an idea of how many players will be participating.

Special event one shot - Deadlands weird west

Campus Cards & Games 2

Join Doug as he runs a special event using the savage worlds rules.

Call of Cthulhu One Shot: The Evening Never Ends (Home Brew)

Campus Cards & Games 2

In the course of one evening in summer 1892, the quiet town of Woodstock experienced inexplicable events and a horrifying crime. Some investigators and family members searching for a missing gentleman of the realm, Charles Danforth, engaged in dangerously mad and widespread wanton destruction, arson, theft of potted plants, and the murder of a noble Lady. While justice was given to the murderer and comfortable, but permanent, beds to those who had lost their rational faculties (including Mr. Danforth himself), Woodstock has remained shocked because of recent happenings. Six months after that terrible evening, an Oxford professor was found an amnesiac roaming the nearby woods, and Danforth's daughter's fiancé and his own niece have disappeared without trace. The Crown government has taken an interest in these recent developments and seeks to uncover the mystery of Woodstock and restore calm and quiet to the town and the region. As this is a "one off" pre-gens will be given (but you will have options). All you need to bring is dice and the desire to play. New players to Call of Cthulhu are welcome.

Wilderlands of Kesmai campaign, episode #10

Campus Cards & Games 2

The adventurers have probed the perimeter of the lizardman lair, and after a few battles with its guardians found it to be well defended by alert lizardmen and their beastly pets. The party met with some success but not being at full strength, have decided to retreat to lick their wounds and regroup. While in town they have come across some interesting information and intriguing rumors from around the wild coast. It is said Councilman Brueher has appropriated the old haunted mansion outside of Saltmarsh for himself, claiming to use his own family fortune to renovate it into what he promises to be the grandest Inn yet built in the Wilderlands where he will preside over the land rush and housing boom in the newly opened up farmlands around Saltmarsh that is now happening. The rumors out of Hommlet are less promising. The village has never recovered from the blows it took from the evil cult based at the ruined moathouse. Colonization came to a halt and non-human marauders and beasts continue to lurk in the countryside outside the village. There was plenty of blame to go around for the failures and neighbor has turned on neighbor in the village. Accusations fly, talk of witchcraft, collaboration with the mysterious cult of the old moathouse, sabotage, disappearances, and poisonings between residents have turned the once peaceful village into a introverted, paranoid, and dysfunctional town on the edge of collapse. Many residents call for the abandonment of the place altogether and a wholesale move to Saltmarsh where the grass maybe greener under the guidance of wiser leadership they are hearing about from the few merchants and adventures that still pass through. The party has journeyed to Hommlet to make contact with some persons known to Gandy and see if for themselves what might be plaguing the village... there is also still the question of the lizardmen near Saltmarsh that the party has promised to neutralize for a large reward. There seems to be plenty of work for adventures in the Wilderlands to go around. *new players always welcome to join*

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Wilderlands of Kesmai campaign, episode #9

Campus Cards & Games 2

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