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The breakfast Club- East Orlando-Leads Group Meetup
Leads Group #1 of CFHE East Orlando Bring Business cards and empty stomach. Each member has 30 secs for introduction and one member a meeting will have the chance to present for 1 period of 10 minutes. All are encourage to bring one guest outside of the industry already depicted in the group. Group should not be bigger than 15. The purpose of this Leads Group is to enhance business development and personal growth opportunities for involved members of CFHE East Orlando. Each group consists of non-competitive businesses and provides the opportunity and setting for leads exchange and business advice in order for participants to strengthen their own business and expand their individual networks. *CFHE is open to all and all meeting are conducted in English. ( we are Latin by tradition not by definition so you are welcome to join no matter if you do not HABLA ESPANOL .. our english not very good looking but we love food) :P * Special accommodations for attendance can be requested in advance.

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What we're about

Our group was created to promote open dialogue and collaborative efforts between young entrepreneurs who want to promote forward movement in their business or professional lives.


Events will be scheduled around casual morning coffees, lunches, or multiple educational workshops along with after hour social events.

Some great entrepreneurs have a master’s in business administration; others don’t. But many aspiring business owners still trade in their pinstripe suits and briefcases for hooded sweatshirts and backpacks in pursuit of an MBA degree – including me. As someone who started out in corporate America, got an MBA and is now an entrepreneur, here are a few things to consider before you graduate or own a business. Do young entrepreneurs need an MBA to be successful ? No! In our society we see young entrepreneurs not having the proper guidance or knowledge to undergo the challenge.

Our group is driven to connect young MBAs, entrepreneurs , young business owners, and place them all under one location. One example is the co-founder of the group who is a small business owner and veteran who started working In the mortgage industry dialing 300 times a day until he found the key to success ! NETWORKING!

Many seasoned business owners surf the different groups weekly to gain knowledge and leads. A entrepreneur in central florida will find this challenging unless he or she has the way in! Now the group is driven to give people the chance to acquire the networking and get pointers from people who are not only in sales but know the movers and shakers of central florida. Lets come together and become a strong force in our community!


The group is open to all !!! Bring a friend!! Share!! Like !!! · Looking for another great way to grow your network in Orlando? Join our Network & Social Orlando meetup group and start connecting with local professionals today. Our group almost has 100 members on facebook, help us get there today!!

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