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We are a group of fun-loving active paddlers who like getting together to explore the many waters available in Central Illinois or anywhere else in the midwest. Canoes and kayaks are available for rent at limited locations. Many of our paddlers have extra kayaks that those new to the sport can ask to borrow on selected trips. Multiday river camping trips are offered periodically.

Our website contains information on paddling resources, and has forums for finding a paddle partner and gear sales amongst other things.

Active paddlers are asked to contribute $5 per year for the upkeep of this site. Feel free to join and check us out first though. If you like our site then help out!

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors should see it from water as well as land - a totally different experience, and fun for all ages.

Photo: Floatzilla 2012

Past events (229)

Henry - Lacon - Chillicothe Canoe Kayak Jaunt - 2019
Floatzilla - 2019

Lake Potter/Sunset Park

Banner Marsh - East Entrance

Banner Marsh East Entrance

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