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Central Park Pool

415 West Richmond Avenue · Peoria

How to find us

Entrance is on the left side. The doors are locked once the pool session starts so don't be late!

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It's pool session time again! This is a great place for those wanting to learn rescue skills, bracing and rolls. People wanting to learn a wet exit could use one session also - the other skills listed above require multiple sessions. I strongly rec that paddlers, who paddle too far from shore to swim there easily, learn how to do a two person T-Rescue.

We are using the Peoria Central Park Pool this year. This is a great pool - large, and we have it to ourselves.

Pool rental is from 9:00 to 10:30 on Sundays when we have the pool and 5:30 to 7 pm on Saturdays. Plan to be there 30 " early - partly as hauling boats will take a while but also for discussion,changing and paperwork. I don't want to have to lose pool time getting out of the pool and opening the door for people who are late. Pool rental costs money $50/hr. -We are getting insurance and there are forms to fill out so come early for that also - especially with your first session.

The fee is $15/person per session. There is a discount for Mackinaw Canoe Club members - so their fee is $10/person per session. Minors are free with paying adult. An adult must cosign consent forms for minors. There is an additional cost for insurance of $5/person per session for everyone (including kids) unless you are an ACA member. American Canoe Association (ACA) Members get the insurance for free. Trial membership for 6 month is $15. If used used the trial membership last year though you need a regular membership this year.

Here are the dates for this year We will also be renting in Dec, Jan, and Feb and possibly March but those dates are not set yet.

Dec 2 Sunday 8:30 am
Dec 9 - Sunday 8:30 am

Jan 5 Saturday 5:00 pm
Jan 13 Sunday 8:30 am
Jan 19 Saturday 5:00 pm
Jan 27 Sunday 8:30 am

Feb 3 Sunday 8:30 am
Feb 9 Saturday 5:00 pm
Feb 17 Sunday 8:30 am

This is informal - paddlers helping paddlers. Skills like a wet exit only need one session usually but if you want to work on rolls, bracing or T-rescues that means multiple sessions. Also let me know if you have a whitewater boat, sea kayak or both.

BOAT MUST BE CLEAN !!!!!!!!! please flood your kayak cockpits with water - get grit from inside by foot pedal etc. Otherwise stones and sticks get in the pool, clog the filters and we will not be welcome anymore. I suggest cleaning kayaks on a warm day before the session as it is hard to hose them down once it gets cold outside. This is a pool so wear clothes appropriate for a pool. It is best to learn rolls etc with your pfd on since you wear it on the water. Chlorine is terrible on gear and clothes so rinse them afterward. Footwear etc - if you use it - needs to be clean - unless you have a solid roll you will end up out of your boat and again we do not want to clog filters. PS bring the boats in through the front door. That door will be locked so someone will let us in 30" before our session starts and then we need to the monitor the door until we start using the pool. Please contact me - Karen K. - if you are interested in attending. You can message me or comment here.

PS - Pool sessions are design for working on skills that result in getting wet. Sessions are not generally for adults first learning to paddle as a pool is too small. Water like Eureka Lake or Banner Marsh in warm weather is better suited for that. However the pool can be nice for young children first learning to paddle as it is a more controlled environment. For adults - as noted - it is good for practicing wet exits ( a necessary skill if you ever want to wear a skirt over your cockpit in the rain), and the higher level skills mentioned at the top of this post such as two person and solo rescues, rolls, and bracing.

PPS - Prepayment for sessions is strongly requested. We have to pay for the pool regardless of whether people come or not.