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Red Trail - Eagle Creek Park
• What we'll do Let's take a hike! This is a 6.75 mile, moderate to difficult, hike within Eagle Creek Park on the Red Trail. Per their website, "this trail will take you by the beach, the Rowing Center, The Earth Discovery Center, the Marina, the Bird Sanctuary, the Fitness Trail, the Ornithology Center, Lilly Lake and the Skating Ponds. There are stairs and steep hills to climb on this trail. From the Red Trail, you can connect with the Blue, Green and Orange Trails at different locations along the way." So, hike as little or as much as you like--there are plenty of opportunities to shorten or lengthen your trek! There are also a few restroom opportunities along the way, and places like the Ornithology Center are great stops for little ones. This is a "choose your own adventure" hike :-). Check out the trail map here: Admission to Eagle Creek Park is $5 for Marion County residents. For more information about admission and the cost of an annual pass, check out • What to bring water, snacks if needed, weather-appropriate clothing and footwear PLEASE NOTE: We will need at least two participants (other than the Host) present in order to hold this event. Thank you for your understanding!

Eagle Creek Park

7840 W 56th St · Indianapolis, IN