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Are you tired of learning and playing with Python and R alone? Would you like to get together with a few friends and learn together? I have been starting to learn R and Python for data science and following the typical route of videos and practice projects. I really want to ramp up my learning and exposure to different ways. Here is my proposal: - Gather a small group of 2-5 and learn together. - Meet at a coffee shop, library, or some other space that has Wi-Fi. - Pick a project, data set or problem, then work to solve it with different tools. - Keep it fluid and informal. - Meet on a regular basis, say weekly to start, and adjust as needed. - Aim to keep the meetings 2-4 hours long, but this can be adjusted to the project or group. People can come and go as needed. - It does not have to be the same people each time, so you only have to commit to going once to check it out. Are you interested? Show up at the meeting spot, have some coffee, meet new friends and bring a project or question.

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R is an open source programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphical visualization. R has an estimated one million users worldwide, and its user base is growing. While most commonly used within academia, in fields such as computational biology and applied statistics, it is gaining currency in commercial areas such as quantitative finance and business intelligence. Among R's strengths as a language are its powerful built-in tools for inferential statistics, its compact modeling syntax, its data visualization capabilities, and its ease of connectivity with persistent data stores (from databases to flatfiles). In addition, R's open source nature and its extensibility via add-on "packages" has allowed it to keep up with the leading edge in academic research. For all its strengths, though, R has an admittedly steep learning curve; the first steps towards learning and using R can be challenging. To this end, the Central Iowa R Users Group is dedicated to bringing together area practitioners of R to exchange knowledge, inspire new users, and spur the adoption of R for innovative research and commercial applications.

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