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This is a meet up group with a focus on helping each other with overcoming difficulties in mastering either English or Japanese. It's casual, quiet and cozy, open to anyone with an interest in furthering either of the two languages. Activities include conversing in one language and the other for about one hour in total in multiple sessions. Because everyone knows that you're learning, it is an advantage that you can pause conversation and ask the other person to repeat the last part you couldn't pick up, or ask related questions about what has been just said. You're welcome to bring your own study materials to ask questions about. People here are willing to teach and learn about the other's culture. Kanji, Shakespeare, Movies, Games/Music, video games, etc etc. So, don't be shy; we need more English speakers, too. Come and enjoy chatters with us. Tell me about your experience with Japanese and Japanese culture in general.

Also, the coffee and tea offered here is very yummy. Feel free to drop by to meet us. It's on every Thursday from 7:30PM to 9:30 at

Cafe Americano 4003 Wilshire blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90005.
Optional valet parking is $2 with readily available street parkings around the block. Just for Wilshire blvd, it is available for street parking after 7pm for free.

Update: August 10, 2018

Due to a limited seating, Thursday conversation exchanges will be limited to native speakers of either English or Japanese. Events on Monday/Wednesday will be open to anyone who is not native to both languages, but we need a new location that is big enough for about 25 guests; contact me with a recommendation for a location, preferably in the close proximity to the address mentioned above, or in the neighborhood of Windsor Square, Miracle Miles, or non-crowded part of Koreatown.


毎木曜日 7 : 30PM~9 : 30PM
「Cafe Americano」4003 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90005
Wilshire Blvdは7時以後、Van Ness Aveや他のストリートは6時以後、路上駐車料金が要らなくなります。

- - - - -Member Dismissal Policy - - - -

Unreasonable Behavior:
A member exploiting either this group or meetup.com's interface/service in unreasonable manner is subject to removal from this group without notice. A member's unreasonable conduct having resulted in another's member's in uncomfortable situation, or having seen as would result in such situation by an organizer, will result in the removal of the member who instigated the action either in direct or indirect manner.

Repeated Absence :
Due to a limited seating, having reserved a seat and failing to attend results in the loss of another person's opportunity to join. A member who has reserved a seat and fails to cancel (switch to Not-Going) at least 48 hours before the date of the event may be subject to removal from this group without further notice. (e.g. cancel on or before Tuesday if the event is on Thursday)

Repeated Reserving Seat (RSVP) Without Intention of Attending :
Unreasonable number of having reserved a seat and cancelling (switching to Not-Going) will be interpreted as making RSVP without serious intent of participation; and the member responsible for the repeated joining and cancelling will be subject to removal from this group without a notice.

Silent / Passive Participation:
We specifically ask for participants who will actively engage in both listening and speaking, not just one or neither. Silent seating or unreasonably passive attitude during the event may be interpreted by an organizer as reducing the goal of the event and the member of such behavior may be subject to dismissal from this group.

Group Resizing:
This group alternates between being private and public in order to keep a reasonable number of regular participants attending. Any member seen as not participating regularly may be removed from this group by any organizer's discretion regardless the group being public or private.

Disrespect Of Other Member(s) or Privacy of Others:
Members agree to acknowledge that events hosted by this group are [u]not intended to be a dating/social parties[/u]. A member whose behavior causes another member's feeling uncomfortable includes, but not limited to, asking another member's contact info, occupation, address, e-mail, phone number, race, ,age, marital status, gender, and any other conduct that is irrelevant to the event's activities, will be subject to removal from this group.

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