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This group is primarily a hands on mutual support group. It caters to any woman who identifies as being Black or a woman of colour and has been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and any one of the other Autistic spectrum disorders including Asperger's and wishes to empower themselves by finding creative solutions to overcome barriers that continually stand in the way of reaching and / or surpassing potential. It will require effort and commitment and a willingness to do things differently than how you previously have been.

I decided to start this group because having been diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger's, I couldn't get the support I needed and I was feeling very isolated. ADHD especially in women (and for that matter, BME's) is very misunderstood and most times actively so.

A lot of what ADDers face as challenges gets taken for granted by majority neuro typicals and are seen as simple things a responsible adult ought to be able to do. Faced with this expectation, when the reality is that a lot of us can barely take care of ourselves, staying hidden and isolated, especially after so many years of trying, becomes a highly tempting option. I've spent many years untangling myself from isolation and now want to establish a space of mutual proactive support. This means for example, after attending 10 meet ups any member struggling to keep her flat or room tidy will have the full practical support of this group.

As a non negotiable rule, this group welcomes lesbian and bisexual women of colour on the Autistic spectrum and / or have ADHD and practices acceptance NOT tolerance.

Confidentiality is at the core of this meet up. It is a privilege to hear others express their pain, hopes and desires. Respect this by keeping what you hear within the group to yourself.

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