Celebrating the Change from Winter to Spring

Location image of event venue


We invite members of the Central London Humanists Group to celebrate the change of season from Winter to Spring.

Celebration is an important part of life. People who leave religious communities find that they have lost the celebrations that were part of those communities. People who have never been religious often feel there's a gap in their lives and are drawn to some form of celebration.

Humanism already provides non-religious celebrations for big life events, such as births, deaths and partnerships. But there isn’t really anything to celebrate our passage through the year.

The seasons shape our lives, so let’s celebrate them too.

This celebration will be created by everyone present, is an open-mic event where anyone and everyone can share poems, readings, thoughts, memories or music that have meaning for them at this time of year. Bring something along to share with the group.

The first gathering will be to celebrate the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. It will be held at Conway Hall in the Bertrand Russell Room on Friday 22nd March 2019 at 7pm.

Please bring some food and/or drink to share, suitable for a buffet and preferably vegetarian so that everyone can share it.

It would be helpful to others if you say in the comments what you plan to bring, both for the open-mic event and to eat.

We will invite our usual voluntary donation of £3 to help cover the costs of our speaker meetings, annual Meetup fees, and the CLHG membership of various national and international humanist bodies.